VDL Wientjes Emmen is characterised by our flat organisation in which at every level we work on your plastic products in an enthusiastic, customer-oriented and solution-oriented manner. That's what you will notice in your first encounter with VDL Wientjes Emmen.

Due to the short lines in our company you get a prompt and professional answer to the questions which you undoubtedly have. We go along with all your requirements and supply you with a high-quality end product within a short period. We are certified conform ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. In addition VDL Wientjes Emmen is certified by UL 94.

VDL Wientjes Emmen has an extensive engineering department and R&D facility. It is recommended to involve this department already in the design phase. In co-operation with our project engineers you will develop a better product, which is produced more efficiently.

Our logistics departments see to it that your products are delivered at the exact moment you need them. They translate your orders into production and delivery schedules. An open communication line with your buyers contributes to just-in-time deliveries, flexibility in delivery dates and the highest level of delivery performance.